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Between Lines, 2008

A pesca milagrosa

Então escrever é o modo de quem tem a palavra como isca: a palavra pescando o que não é palavra. Quando essa não palavra morde a isca, alguma coisa se escreveu. Uma vez que se pescou a entrelinha, podia-se com alívio jogar a palavra fora. Mas aí cessa a analogia: a não palavra, ao morder a isca, incorporou-a. O que salva então é ler “distraidamente”.  

Clarice Lispector

Reflecting about the last three years of my artistic production, I found out that between my working process and the work itself there’s something else. Parallel investigations trough materials and techniques, took my interest between thinking and working.

On his way my attention stopped in between lines. An elastic place, like a stop, to flow into rules. Justify my desire to work without frontiers (or barriers), without a project , without a specific end.

Allow this kind of structure is to multiply the mid field, amplify the space of investigation. Is where I find the possibility do come and go in this middle place where things happens.

It’s my time, where I change orders, decompose, compose, focus and deviate Putting layers one over the other, covering, discovering. Going trought canvas and it’s exterior. Contrast, changing from drawings to paitings. Letting it go, to stop and gaze it.

At the and of the composition you’ll constantly see the lines. To look at the between lines, you’ll have to amuse yourself. 

Karen Axelrud, 2008

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