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Dark Pools II, 2007

The contemporary creative universe brings in its essence the fragmentation, thanks to a long path of artistic “de-construction”. Karen Axelrud’s production concentrates in the relation that structures this process. Her art emerges from this relation. In her work, the artist goes with the flow of her production, the path she chooses doensn’t have a specific end. This trajectory is part of her construction, the complexity is the raw material of her work. Her process happens between thinking and doing and in its relation.

The artist explores persisitence, repetition, continuity, based on references she had experienced and lived and in the relation of this with her persona. Her work begins in fragmentation revealing hidden explanations that enable new understandings.

Black cubes, colored in a way to be poles of tension. Like black holes that keep the intensity of light within. Is a trip inside her work that invites us to into a space that we coexist in her universe.


In her latter works the artist employs fragments. Singular elements that allow moving forward her artistic project and bring a heavy load of meanings and feelings. Her work shows a surprising richness based on tenuous articulations. A modular system that forces the viewer to see more than meets the eye. In it, the spectator is thrown into an imaginary world as a participant, like an object of this system where the aesthethic pleasure is enabled by the possibility of this dialogues.

Carlos Henrique Gutierrez

Porto Alegre, 2007

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