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Infinity II, 2012

Infinity II is part on a poetic construction, the series Systems of Recording the Time. Based on the possibility of revising the conventions that surround us, I established an alternative, a new way of seeing daily life. It is the result of an experience, to photograph the sky sequentially, every day and night, no time given, and the annotation of the year, month, day, hour and minute of each record. It was extended for one year, when I experimented living the time itself. 

This work was developed with design and digital imaging, and I used the grid as a structuring element to link the collected photos. It deeps the research and reflection I have been doing around the grid, as a metaphor between the logical and sensible in the field of art. I matched to two ways of understanding. By one hand, the repetitive element, mathematical, and geometrized, and by another, the philosophical and dematerialized aspects. Two poles in perpetual contrast. At the same time, I worked with the coexistence of logic and abstraction as the most sensitive perception of the space that surrounds us to approach infinity. Conceptually represents the infinite sky and the grid, also infinite.

 In Systems of Recording the Time I developed a ruler with precise dimensions, establishing the hours of the day. A grid about hours that regards the convention itself, a graphical interface from a size-time. In this rule I inserted the pictures of the sky in proportion to the time each one was captured. From this structure, many works in this series were developed. Infinity II is where the regulation is broken, where image and grid come off the stablished system. It is the collage of one photograph of a gray sky, neutral, indeterminate, and the grid, ruler of time measurement, which presents itself isolated, smaller, loose in the center of the image, The grid is no longer a modeling structure, it is arranged as an independent figure.


Where are our systems and where are the structures we build? Articulating elements of everyday life under certain rules l get the challenge to record the time. Is the system, the variation in the presentation of things that we experience every day that could make us reflect? Several questions come up, where I find a way to revisit the experience and to review around.

Karen Axelrud, 2012.

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