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Journey of a line, 2011


 “Course or direction followed by something moving.

Imaginary or visible trace that separates two contiguous things.

Route, track. Continuous direction in a certain way”


I wanted to divide the house of San Francisco St. in the middle. An unoccupied house, unused, irregular in the urban formal context, available, was free to any action. I choose the line, a permanent language in my art making, for a symbolic intervention. This would be my answer, at the same time an act of partition and an opportunity to experience the expansion of the painting in a three-dimensional field of activity.

At the height of my eyes, started fine, careful. Outlined doors, overpassed windows, plugs, and ended up changing, between a chat with each fellow I found on my way, also working in the house.

Entered into new plans drawn, distorting reality. Ascended and disappeared. Returned in expansion, contaminated the space. Went through walls, made imaginary paths. Became present without, however been sight.

I was taken for the pleasure of the experience, leaving the act of doing overpass the planning, overriding the rational task, leaving the execution in a state of drift. I permited modifications. Rather than continuing to draw a horizontal line at the perimeter of the entire house, I let me find bifurcations in situations that changed this line over time that we stand together, in a kind of reconstruction of this house without identity, condemned to demolition.

It was an opportunity to compare the desire of make a painting in an expanded field and its effective implementation. Away from the canvas, flat and prepared, I was faced to new problems of painting. Stone, plaster, wood paneling - rough surfaces. My brush was dirty with cobwebs, moths and termites. Adverse situations, including the scarcity of water and light, the reduced time for activities between thinking and making, and also the physical fatigue. Far from the studios comfort, the materials at hand, and availability of facilities that usually surround ourselves.

Once more I repeated the gesture of the line and again I got a different result. This was a horizon line. It deals about flow, action, movement. I have gotten a direction, a path from which it is possible to discover a little of each experiment done in this house. Artistic meaning runs in various directions and this time I choose the relational character.

Instead of rupture, the opposite happened. In symbolic game of cutting, I ended in a union job. I was less interested in my work exclusively, but rather the result of the group together. The more time passed by, the involvement would increase. With more time, this line would connect more interventions. More discussion between the works would happen, and our activities would be even more united. The line in its role ties, sought to connect all our points.


Stitches of a group that made this house a field of experience - a laboratory for a facility. The house at San Francisco  St., taken by our actions has been transfigured into local of exposition. These are residues of an exercise in artistic freedom. An invitation to reflection.

Karen Axelrud, 2011.

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