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Reflexions, 2007

In the beginning of 2005 time stopped running. After 24 years dedicated to Architecture, a sudden need to look for new challenges came on and got me into a parallel road.

Getting inside an experimental work in an atelier was a casual step, not specifically planned. Some things just happens, without explanations. This was one of them. The discovery of an open field popped up like a white page ready to be written. Like the starting point of a long journey.

It was like a new move, a new look. As if from within a knot or a crossing, a space was to be discovered.

The works were done without any specific objective. Just movements, exploring, just doing it, experimenting new languages. Actions, repeatedly done, constantly. Repetition, perseverance and continuity. Reading, seeing, living. The work emerged from these connections.

Canvas, paper. Paper, canvas. Exercises without boundaries and time frontiers. The alternatives intersect, materials are experimented, touched, rugged, cutted, wrapped, glued, painted, all connected. In the regular constancy of doing, without finishes, the testing proceeds. Improvised games, free from critical toughts, free from certain paths, of compromises, of exterior analysis. The provisory becomes definitive. The path becomes the end.

The preference for Black, the contrast between brightness and matte. The gestual and the texture are obtained and made like scars and the movement with lots of ink. A discovery: some of these elements trespass the experiments.

From this many interfaces emerges a profile. From the contact of the external world the language is seen and explained. By other person’s views, I see that I came into a new path.

This is the trajectory I represent. The unfolding of this investigations are multiplied, carved at every single work, step by step.

Karen Axelrud, 2007

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