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Stripes, 2010

STRIPES is the result of an experimental work with colored plastic texture, manually cutted. Composed in two moments: ACTION and PAUSE. ACTION’s proposition: use the three primary colors group 3 by 3, in all possible combinations. A simple arrangement, in order, in vertical lines, results a coloured rhythm in progression. 

PAUSE is placed in opposition to the activity situation and logic thoughts. The plastical texture is informally disposed. Two new colours were added. All of them accumulated in points, identically distant, hanging on the wall. They are equally cutted in stripes format and separated by colour giving it a rest sensation and at the same time being ready to start a new activity. 


This art work proposes an active image. The first approach is its colorful performance, but it takes the spectator to a reflexion path. In the gap of the two moments, emerges the possibility to think about the present arrangement, colours and other analogies. Working with combinations creates an infinit number of possibilities. In first moment, ACTION, with three colours, the problem is presented solved with a simple, serial method. What could be done in PAUSE, with it’s stripes in five colours?

Karen Axelrud, 2010.

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